8 Days in Desolation Canyon

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    We went into this years Deso trip wanting to do minimal rowing and tons of hiking, but as always, the winds kinda held us back. We still got to do some great hikes and spent lots of time in the Canyon. We laid over at Jack Creek, and were forcefully laid over at Steer Ridge because of the "W". None of us had ever done Deso in low water, so it was really cool seeing all the exposed rock in the river and having to take more technical lines down the rapids. Three Fords was my favorite rapid at the low water. Here are some photos and a video: Enjoy!!!

    Stew on the Sticks

    Breakfast at Jack Creek

    Me trying to eddy out in some strong "W"

    The "W"

    Moonshiners Cabin

    Rock Creek Ranch

    View from Lower Gold Hole Camp

    Deso Birds

    And a Video of course:

    The Crew
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