3 Nights at Havasu Falls: Part 3


Aug 8, 2018
After enduring a cold night without a sleeping pad, it was time to wake up. Todays plan was to hike 1 mile to Mooney Falls and then another 3 miles to Beaver Falls. After that a review of my time to see if I can get to the confluence with the Colorado River which is another 4 miles below Beaver Falls. After a late breakfast of oatmeal, it was time to get going.

MOONEY 1.jpg

It was an easy hike to through the campgrounds, and I spent some time looking at other sites for future camps if it comes about. It didn't seem to take long to Mooney Falls, which is higher, and in my opinion, more spectacular than Havasu Falls. It is almost 200 feet high with the same blue-green splash pool Havasu Falls has.

MOONEY 2.jpg

MOONEY 3.jpg

The top was pretty awesome to see, but the real challenge was getting down to the bottom. The "trail" runs through a couple short and steep tunnels, then down a water-soaked slick rock vertical path with chains and metal anchors to hold on to.

mooney 13.jpg
The adventure down starts here in this hole:

mooney 12.jpg

Coming out of the second tunnel puts you here:
MOONEY 14.jpg

A little further down, puts you here:

Mooney 11.jpg

And then you get to the wet ladders and then the bottomMOONEY 15.jpg

After some admiration and relief I made it down alive, it was time to go to Beaver Falls. The path was fairly straightforward, as you simply follow the stream. Where you cross is obvious. The path is dirt and weaves its way through wild grape vines and other shrubbery along the creek. Not much elevation change at all makes for quick walking.

MOONEY 9.jpg

MOONEY 10.jpg

Just keep hiking downstream and enjoy the views.

MOONEY 8.jpg

Eventually the trail takes you to a large palm tree, and just behind that, you will see a rough path that goes up. Maybe 60 feet or so. Nothing treacherous, but requires some patience. That gets you up on top with a view looking down on the creek and eventually Beaver Falls. There is a small hut that is staffed and the person makes sure you have a wristband on. After that, it is some more small ladders down to the creek and some great swimming holes.

MOONEY 7.jpg

Beaver Falls is NOT a long drop, but a series of small terraces that form good areas to soak in.

Beaver 3.jpg

beaver 5.jpg

beaver 1.jpg

After some wading on the terraces, it was time for lunch, then make the way back to camp. Going up the trail from Mooney Falls was much easier than going down. Dinner was tamales and a bowl of chicken alfredo. Then it was time for some night shots with the cell phone.


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I have always known 50 years that this was an area to go to but now I KNOW why. Thank you. Love the documentation of the route around Mooney Falls. Never knew about that!!
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