3 days in the Uinta's, looking for somewhere new


Mar 1, 2012
I'm headed up in a couple weeks and am wondering where people suggest. We'll be hiking in Saturday morning and coming out Monday evening. I'm looking for a couple of things: 1) somewhere I haven't been 2) some fishing opportunities and 3) not totally crowded.

Normally I would just pull out my map and find something that looks good, but I have misplaced it and I dont feel like looking right now.

My list of been there's:
4 lakes basin, Naturalist basin, Red Castle, Kings Peak, Cuberant lakes, Granddaddy basin, most of the stuff off of the Crystal lake trailhead, and a couple different routes from Mirror to Moon.

I saw someone on here talking about going up to Ryder lake which is definately on my to do list, but has anyone been to Timothy lakes? They look real tempting but the 3.5 hour drive from SLC is kind hoding me back.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
I think that the Ryder/McPheters, Allsop/Priord and Dead Horse cirques are some of the best options in the Uintas for the type of trip you're looking for. I highly recommend all of them. Haven't actually been in to Priord yet but I'll let you know how it is in a few days when I come back from there. I've heard good things...

I've been up the Swift Creek trail and over Bluebell Pass but I didn't go up to Timothy Lakes. They look pretty cool but I believe some of them drain out so not great on a dry year like this. They're also above treeline so actually camping at them in a rough weather cycle like we're in is probably not advisable. Also, the Swift Creek trail is kind of a bitch. I'd definitely go with one of the north slope drainages, especially if I hadn't been into them.
Looks like Ryder it is. From the various trip reports I've read it seems to be one of the prettiest areas in the Uinta's, and it should be even better now that the fire restrictions have been lifted.