2022 Teton Wilderness/Shoshone National Forest Trip


May 26, 2019
Already planning next years trip, it’s always so bittersweet knowing that I have nearly an entire year to wait and drive my self crazy with planning and counting down the days.

The plan for now is to basically hike from Brooks Lake to Double Cabin. The wife and I usually do one big backpacking trip a year, one winter trip typically to Yellowstone and always about two weeks at Double Cabin doing long day hikes, fishing and relaxing.

The route I’m looking at starts above Brooks Lake at Bonneville Pass and we’ll hike up to Perry N Boday creek and camp there for night 1. Day 2 we will hike onto the Buffalo Plateau and camp somewhere near Wall Mountain. Day 3 the plan is to hike to Marston Pass, set up camp and possibly summit Younts depending on weather and the time. Day 4 we hike down to the north end of Bliss Creek meadows and camp along the south fork of the Shoshone. Day 5 is the day I’m most looking forward to and will likely be the hardest and most scenic days of the trip (may possibly stay here 2 nights) the plan is to hike into the Clark creek drainage and up to Pierpoint pass and into Hidden Basin. This is an area I’ve wanted to get into for some time, from what I’ve heard it’s absolutely spectacular! Day 6 we hike up to Cougar pass and drop down to Frontier creek and camp near the crick somewhere. Day 7 is just hiking out to Double cabin where we’ll stay another 5 days or so.

My main question is about Clark creek and Hidden Basin, has anyone been in this area or have any good info? I’m sure there will be a lot of route finding in the Clark crick drainage even though all maps I’ve studied show a trail, I can’t imagine this area gets much use, possibly some outfitters during sheep season.

Here is a tentative look at my route, any info/help will be much appreciated. I wanted to keep the days fairly short between 6-9 miles so we could really enjoy it and take a lot of pictures. I think we have 1 ten mile day and the rest are right around 5.5-7 miles.


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