2016 might be your best chance to do Wonderland (Rainier)

Dec 27, 2015
Hey, I don't know if you guys heard this a few months ago (I hadn't seen any posts here on it) but the computer system that runs Mt. Rainier Natl Park backcountry permits crashed several months ago, which means that for 2016, ALL backcountry permits will be allotted via walkup application (as opposed to the standard quota with some percentage >50% reservable ahead of time, and a minority available as walkups).

If you have the flexibility with your vacation days to go to Seattle and try on a few different days to snag a permitted route [especially on Mon-Thurs], there should be a better chance of scoring it as opposed to a walk-up on other years.

Whether it's the 93-mile Wonderland, or the 58- mile Northern Figure-Eight, or the 34-mile Eastside Loop, this just might be the year to make it happen, thanks to the permit system snafu.

I'll try to find and post a link to more details later (or you can Google it yourself).
when i walked in two summers ago i had very little trouble getting a same day permit at 3pm.
I don't want to detract from the current opportunity, just to make the point that I think the difficulty of getting a walk in permit is often not so hard as imagined.
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