2014 Wasatch Snow Melt


Aug 9, 2007
I know most of us are watching for the Uintas to melt out, but I thought I'd start up this thread for the Wasatch. I'm trying to plan some hikes and I'm hoping to get an idea of where the trails are clearing out. Post up any pics or observations you might have. Thanks!

I went up the Desolation Trail last week to the Salt Lake Overlook. I hit a few patches of snow near the top in the shade but not much. It was a little soggy here and there but dry at the overlook at about 7,000 feet.



Desert Rat-Weekend Warrior
Jun 7, 2012
That's one of my favorite hikes in Millcreek. I generally go up Thaynes Canyon at the fork though. In the winter it's a lot of fun, people often tube down the trail.


Aug 9, 2007
I hiked up Stairs Gulch in Big Cottonwood today. No snow at all and very nice all the way up to near the top of all the waterfalls at about 6800'. It would be clear for much higher but the foot of some serious avalanche carnage is piled up almost like a glacier moving down the valley. It's pretty awesome. I think I'll post a little trip report of this later, as well as all the other little hikes I've been doing. I was going to post them kind of all at once but why not post them one by one.

Approaching the toe of the avalanche.

Further up on the snow. For scale, notice my wife standing just beyond the snow in the sun just right of center.


Desperately Seeking Sandstone
Jan 21, 2012
Great thread idea Nick! Thanks for sharing the conditions of Stairs Gulch. That one has been on my radar lately. Now that the days are longer I've been looking for hikes that you can fit in after work. So far this month I've only been up to Rocky Mouth Falls and the Lower Reservoir in Bells Canyon. Snow free in both places. There is a bunch of snow still at the top of Bells, but you could probably hike as high as the waterfalls without issue.

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