2013 Wind Rivers Conditions


Aug 9, 2007
We have a pretty sweet thread on Uintas Conditions but I thought it would be nice to get one going for Wind Rivers Conditions. Since it's not so close to a population center like Salt Lake, it seems like it's a bit tougher to find data. Does anyone have any links, or observations to share? Any ideas on how the snowpack has been up there this year compared to average?

The snotels all seem to be showing zero snow as high as 10,100 or so.

Feb 11, 2012
Good to go in the northern Winds.. minimal / non-existant snow below 10.5K.

courtesy of TGR

Trip Report: Gannett-in-a-Day. 5/30/13


http://smg.photobucket.com/user/JTrue/media/2013 Gannett Peak Attempt/P1100526_zpsbd2987e8.jpg.html

the northern windy's

credit: Jason True
upper green river /three forks park area

credit: Jason True

"Talus hiking straight up for a couple miles... At this point we were at about 10k and still hadn't hit snow yet."

credit: Jason True
Eye cany lower down.

credit: Jason True

credit: jason True

Get after it before the mosquitos take over.


Aug 9, 2007
Anyone heard anything about conditions of the passes this year? With the meager snow pack, would Texas Pass be crossable this week?


Aug 9, 2007
Update - I spent 4 days in the Big Sandy area over July 3-7th. There are still a lot of snow drifts here and there but not problematic. We didn't try to cross Texas Pass but looking at it from the south side, it could definitely be a problem this early if there is any kind of cornice on the north side. There was a lot of snow up there. I'll post pics later.

Mosquitoes were definitely out but not that bad. Definitely need some Deet but it wasn't nearly as bad as my 4th of July trip last year.

Monsoon storm pattern was in full effect.

Scenery was outstanding, crowds were non-existent.
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