2007 Uintas Provo River Drainage

Favorite Place to Camp in the Provo River Drainage

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Brett Cottrell
Feb 14, 2013
Lillian Lake is one of my favorite places to camp in the Uintas. It's just a couple miles from the Crystal Lake Trailhead, and it's a pretty easy hike. One wooded saddle to cross, and that's it. Most people go to Long Lake or Island or Weir, even Duck, but I like the little out of the way lakes (Beaver Lake west of Duck is another of my favorites, but the campsites aren't so good).

At Lillian you can get away from the crowds and have plenty of firewood. On a good day, the fishing's usually mediocre, although from time to time it's okay. But the camp spots are great. Actually, if you want to "get away," I suggest camping in the large meadow a quarter mile past Lillian Lake. It's beautiful. Good place to seek Elk in the autumn. You'll likely have a square mile or two to yourself, and if you're lucky, you can catch some fish in the deep pools of the stream meandering through the meadow.

Follow the meadow down and you hit Weir and Pot. Both okay, I guess, but I actually like Jack's Lake. Another great little pot hole. I also like to go to Marjorie for the Grayling. The trick is to scale them before you cook them.

Lillian's also just two miles to Island for some better fishing. Although I usually spend my time at Junior Lake and Gus Lake (W-62) on the benches above Island. Fewer people and usually better fishing. I've never camped at Gus Lake (W-62) but it's gorgeous with views of the Provo Basin bowl to the south and the Smith and Morehouse Canyon to the north.

Okay, now the bad about Lillian Lake. It's basically a bog, so I suggest if you go in July or early August that you bring some Pinkertons to fight off the mosquitoes.

I've been going to this basin on and off for thirty years, and even though it gets lots of usage, it's still a gem, and easy enough to avoid the crowds.


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Aug 9, 2007
So the chevron in kamas really sells apple fritters the size of a freaking cake, huh? Wild! Keep the trip reports coming! Making me jones for some summer time. Do you ever come back out west and backpack?


Brett Cottrell
Feb 14, 2013
So the chevron in kamas really sells apple fritters the size of a freaking cake, huh? Wild! Keep the trip reports coming! Making me jones for some summer time. Do you ever come back out west and backpack?

Yeah, the fritters are crazy fantastic. And cheap, too. Less than three bucks, I think. They run out though. But, if you tell them when you're coming out of the mountains, they'll save you one!

I like them for the fritters, but then I like the Samak Store for the coffee. Actually, the Samak Store is great. Some people tell me it's expensive, but I'm used to prices in Washington, DC, so it doesn't seem expensive to me.

I do get out to the Uintas at least once a year. I'm always looking for excuses to go more, though. I've always wanted to go to Priord and Norice, and the Three Lakes above Picture Lake past the Brown Duck Basin. There's quite a few lakes up there that don't get hardly any usage. In fact, I think the Three Lakes don't even have the quarter mile fire ban.


Free Ranger
Jan 28, 2012
Brett - I'm loving your recent posts and pictures. This time of year is too long, cold and gray! Your posts help me realize that it will soon be over and I can actually take some trips... not just plan trips!

Those fritters are amazing - I've been driving past that Chevron forever and I had no idea those existed. After your pictures, they may sell out much earlier this summer.


Brett Cottrell
Feb 14, 2013
You know, I put Gus Lake as W-62 and I think the DWR calls it W-64. Either way, it's the one on the north bench above Island Lake on the Eastern Edge of Cone Peak.

Ryan Cottrell

Part-time Moose Whisperer
Mar 1, 2013
I can vouch for the mosquitoes at Lillian. If you go too early in the season it is quite beautiful, but be prepared to spend some time becoming one with the mosquitoes. You start to accept the constant buzzing noise as you try to fish, and start to wonder if the life of a mosquito isn't all that bad.

As for Gus Lake, it is a heck of a hike to get there, but if you camp at Lillian it's not too bad. It has been years since I visited, but fishing was fast for 10-12 inch brookies.

I love this whole basin, actually. Our dad dragged us up there when we were kids, and I am a greater person for it.
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