2001: A Space Odyssey in Utah

Once on Cedar Mesa, I saw a four-engine cargo plane fly past, real low and slow. It was painted flat black and had absolutely no markings on it. Perhaps they were searching for the monolith... :D
That's outstanding. Where did you find it?
up on South Caineville mesa, I imagine it's still there, I have pics somewhere bit it was one of these guys, you can imagine that every now and then they whack it with the plane or some turbulence hits it, and it breaks off. definitely one of the most unexpected things I've found in the desert

s-3_viking_in-flight_refueling copy.jpg
Whoa! The guys out of the airbase in Spokane practice refueling above a good chunk of Eastern Washington including over the towns that dot the landscape. I sure hope one of those doesn't hit anyone's house or some other occupied building if it breaks off.
the article has an embedded video segment with aerial shots at the beginning and end. the one at the start looks like maybe Escalante area? can we get the "Guess the Spot Utah" crowd working on this? ring any bells @Udink ?
I'd really like to know as well. Seems Roost-ish to me.
video at the end shows enough skyline that I bet someone here knows. also that vid is much less Escalanteish than the first one.
I must not be clicking on the right video. Also, the slot that it's in front of looks familiar, like the end of a tech slot I've seen photos of people coming out of.
not sure if this helps but going by @Udink's insight this is more or less where the opening shot of the video is from


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The green is the current Sheep range. To me the rock looks similar to that around Moab but hard to say. The other places in the video may not even be from them or in the same area.

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