20% Off at REI Outlet this weekend


Ready For More
Jul 23, 2013
There's a 20% off one item at REI's outlet site for this weekend, expiring on the 13th. Being in the market for a new pack, I just pulled the trigger on this guy. At over $100 in savings, I couldn't resist. Apparently this is last year's model and the newest model has an updated AFS (Auto Fit Suspension) but in comparing all the features, specs, and description of last year's model with that of the "new" AFS technology on Gregory's website, it's hard to see how much would have changed.

I was able to test out the newer pack at REI yesterday along with the REI Crestrail. Both felt really good—much better fit and much more effective at transferring load to hips than my current pack, given my longer torso and small waistline. I guess I'll see how this closeout model compares with what I tested in the store. In the mean time, I'll be testing out REI's Crestrail by renting one for my Uinta trip next week. Depending on how the overall comfort and features of that pack turn out vs what I'll be getting in the Baltoro, I'll either keep the Baltoro, or if I find the Crestrail to be worth a bit more expense, then I'll most likely exchange the Baltoro for a Crestrail. Both are neck and neck with all the positive reviews they've gotten out there thus far though. A little on the heavier side to start but it seems like they make up for it with extra comfort and stability.

At some point I may also add an Osprey to my lineup, but for now, they don't seem to be built to take the kind of loads I may end up having to carry with young children who still can't carry much of their own...at least according to the research I've done. They do have amazing looking packs with an amazing reputation though. We've actually contacted Yvonne about an Aura 65 she has available and are heavily leaning on purchasing that from her for my wife when she returns from her Wind River trip and we return from the Uintas next week.

If anyone else has experience or additional knowledge with these packs, I'd welcome it. And if you're in need of any replacements or additions to your gear set, be sure to check out REI's Outlet site and take advantage of the additional savings this weekend.