2 Week Trip Paria/Vermilion, GSENM and Maybe Hanksville


In search of Fresh
Oct 17, 2012
Hi all. Been a while since I've posted on here. Kinda got caught up in springtime Yucatan trips the last few years. Anyway it appears we are going to do mostly Utah and a bit of Arizona this spring. Mid April after the ski area closes.
OK..so thinking we base camp at Stateline CG on House Rock Valley Rd. Places we want to visit are Edmaier's Secret near the West Clark Bench, the Notch Panel (since we are so close), Wahweap Hoodoo's and Toadstools (maybe 2 days) and Yellow Rock. Options: Cobra Arch, or possibly the Teepees outside the Wave permit area. Have been up to White Pocket twice and S Coyote (Pawhole and Cottonwood) and the Wave, so.... will probably try something else in the Sandhills if we feel confident our vehicles are up to it. We've also hiked Buckskin....... and the Paria down to Lee's Ferry. Anything else in this area to fill a day?
Trying to decide on part II. Thinking Old Sheffield/Spencer Flat, outside of Escalante for a few days. Want to check out Spencer Canyon, Phipps Wash and the arch, and then maybe visit Red Breaks again. I've been in the West Fork and to the volcano. But I wouldn't mind seeing it all again. Anything else up here? Oh ya, also have been to Big Horn.
Part III is the toughest one. I really don't know Robbers Roost or the North Wash area. I've always wanted to do Happy Canyon, but day access may be a little too much for our group and on our vehicles. So....was thinking maybe between Hanksville and Hite and checking out some of these slots. Need to choose a base camp spot and find non technical slots to explore. Will happily take any suggestions for a few days of excitement.
This should be a massive color overload after a long winter in very white Steamboat Spgs. Any.. and all ideas are welcome...thank you!

Cool Danish

Jan 13, 2013
I just hiked to Edmaier's Secret/West Clark Bench in February. I started the hike from Wire Pass TH since I was coming from White Pocket and was short on time (damn short winter days!). Instead of continuing down thru Wire Pass wash narrows and then north up Buckskin wash, I left Wire Pass wash going north right before it narrows down and continued on a sandy path that have seen horses. So basically following the upper bench on west side of buckskin, until I found a place to cross Buckskin wash.. from there West Clark Bench is pretty close.. My hike was 9 miles round trip which ended by the Tee Pee's that Michael Kelsey talks about in his book. Let me know if you or anyone wants a GPS track (I don't know how to create a map and save it for other to view).

Perhaps you could spend one day by Lees Ferry and hike down Cathedral Wash to the Colorado River. Then hike up Spencer Trail and maybe even continue along the rim of the canyon upriver towards the dam? Might be some good views similar to Horseshoe Bend, just looking opposite direction (east)?


In search of Fresh
Oct 17, 2012
I think we'll access Edmaiers from upper Buckskin. That was the first time I saw all that pretty rock years ago. Didn't know it had a name at the time or what was above on the bench. Been wanting to get up there and see this spot for a long time.
For the N+S teepees we'll head for Wire pass. We'll definitely stay to the south side of Wire Pass slot and then circle south around N Coyote Butte border to the Teepees. We should be able to stay out of the permit area and check them out.


In search of Fresh
Oct 17, 2012
So...feel pretty good about HRV Rd portion and Escalante portion. Would love some help in the North Wash area between Hanksville and Hite. 3 or 4 days of non technical hikes and some nearby camping spot? Really clueless in this area. Appreciate any input.


Aug 9, 2007
So...feel pretty good about HRV Rd portion and Escalante portion. Would love some help in the North Wash area between Hanksville and Hite. 3 or 4 days of non technical hikes and some nearby camping spot? Really clueless in this area. Appreciate any input.

I know a few things but I don't want to broadcast the specifics. PM sent.
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