10/12/18 - help?


Apr 22, 2013
Anyone in the area of Page, AZ this weekend?
I’m quite stuck on the Smokey Mt. road about 12 miles outside of Big Water, UT. The roads are drying but I got really stuck last night trying to avoid a wash.
Called a few towing companies and they don’t want anything to do with Smokey Mt. road.

Obviously I recommend only someone with a 4x4

I’ll update the thread as needed
Ouch! That sucks! I know how bad things can get out there. Where exactly are you? Got coordinates? Pictures of the carnage? Glad you have cell service.
I deleted the phone numbers and the leads previously posted. Glad you got out!
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I would like to thank Dave & Henry, my guardian angels! Not 15 minutes after I made the post they came rolling by & pulled me out!

What a challenging situation, there was no way I could have dug myself out solo.

Time for a shower!C5EA80C1-3FFE-4C6A-8ECB-D6B40D2C36E7.jpeg60278DB1-7DFB-4CCB-8E32-81BE079432C0.jpeg
Glad you got out! You should be thrilled the tow companies didn't come out. You would have been out a chunk of change. You'll be washing that slop out from nooks and crannies under your car for months!
Glad you got out! You should be thrilled the tow companies didn't come out. You would have been out a chunk of change. You'll be washing that slop out from nooks and crannies under your car for months!

I heard it's $600-$1000 to get towed in those areas....
Glad you found someone to help out.

I spent 6 hours trying to dig out of a sand pit one time (mostly b/c I felt stupid for getting stuck and didn't want to ask for help), even tried to jack up the wheels and pack the divets with rocks. Now I carry a shovel and sand ladders just in case. :]
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