mt. zirkel wilderness

  1. Dreamer

    Summer 2012: trip 1: a short visit to a small corner of The Great Wasted Forest of Northern Colorado

    Mt Zirkel Wilderness 2012 July 10-13 I will be starting my backpacking for the season in mid/late June and am getting excited. Spending much time looking over past hikes, which I always enjoy. This trip was my first of the year after the long (2400 miles in 3 days) drive from my base in the...
  2. Scott Chandler

    Backpacking Mt Zirkel Wilderness

    6/26-6/28 After a month of fairly unexciting times work wise (hard to believe as a wilderness ranger) I had a long weekend to fill. Considering I prefer to play away from where I do my business, I wanted to get away from the Bighorns. A month before I had driven through northern Colorado and...

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