mojave desert

  1. J

    Mojave Natl. Preserve: Midhills to Castle Mtns Nov. 26-28, 2021

    n Nov 26th I headed for Mid Hills Campground. After setting up I did the short hike to Eagle Rocks. Near sunset I walked out to the unnamed mountains at the head of Black Canyon on the south side of the Mid Hills road. To summit Eagle Rocks requires climbing a pure granitic 40 foot steep face...
  2. J

    A few days in Mojave National Preserve Dec. 5-7, 2020

    Mojave is one of the most underrated National Park Service Units in the nation, in my humble opinion. After mostly a rest day I arrived on the Aiken Mine Road NW of Baker, CA. Any SUV can make it down this road with ease, from the North, for the first 8 miles (a spot roughly between Button Mtn...

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