middle basin

  1. Blake Merrell

    Middle Basin w/ a Summit of Hayden Peak

    As I was hiking along in the Wind River Mountain range, I knew that another week long trip this year would not be doable. My wife was already sacrificing way to much, and for me to leave her and my newborn son for a 3rd week-long pleasure trip would be utterly selfish of me. It wasn't to hard of...
  2. Red Rock Rangers

    Ryder + Kermsuh Lakes

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record ... it's hot in St. George! Time for another mountain weekend escape. Christmas Meadows Provo River Falls I'm embarrassed to admit that even though I've lived in Utah since 2008, I've only done one other hike in the Uinta Mountains. It's a...
  3. Yvonne

    Amethyst Basin and Middle Basin, July 2013

    The Uintas were on my bucket list for years. A high pristine mountain area combined with alpine lakes and solitude – it all was way too tempting for me. I never made it to the Uintas when I lived in Western New York because I usually spent my time in Utah in June, way too early for a high...
  4. DrNed

    Uintas Amethyst & Middle Basins

    After having such a great time in the Uintas this summer on a week long adventure with my kids, I wanted to get out for another multi day trip before it got cold. We decided on the week of September 16. I recruited my friend Jerry, and after enjoying the pictures & trip reports here on BCP I...
  5. WasatchWill

    High Uintas - Middle Basin

    You can read through the details here or skip to my first attempt at a video report at the bottom... Several weeks back, I was eying an opportunity to get my wife out further into the backcountry for one last backpacking trip before school started for our kids. We circled the 13th - 15th for a...
  6. MtnMatt

    Middle Basin over Haydens

    This is one of those trips that is really 3 trips. I went into Ryder Lake with a couple of my brothers a few years back. We went in from Christmas Meadows like any normal (smart) people do. It is a really nice hike along a beautiful stream but its kinda long and at the end when your already...
  7. lostlandscapes

    Ryder Lake 7/7/12

    Not much of a trip report, but just wanted to post some pics from Ryder Lake--by far the most spectacular area I've laid eyes on in the Uintas. We were prepared for mobs--but found only one other group calling it home for the night. Definitely looking forward to exploring more of this impressive...
  8. Nick

    Ryder & McPheters Lakes, Uintas

    July 2007 We had originally planned a long 30+ mile 5-day trip but about a week before we found out Taylor couldn't come and we thought it would just be Audra and I. Then the day before we left Taylor informed us that he had invited Robyn and she had taken the time off work. Robyn was Taylor's...

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