lake powell

  1. Ross

    Arizona/Utah road trip loop with sandstone/badlands/canyon hikes

    Man, it’s hard to choose your favourite photos as there’s so much amazing stuff in the South West, so rather than break this up to small trip reports I’ve thrown in this circular road trip into one TR. After a week of canyons on Lake Powell - a few shots here -...
  2. o2bav8

    Can you tell me how to get to labyrinth canyon

    Work has been a beast lately and I've been missing my sandstone fix. Managed to get a couple of days off headed to Glen Canyon for a two day kayaking/camping trip. Saved up my REI points and bought some new gear and couldn't wait to test the new sleeping pad & pillow. I've found kayak camping...
  3. Nick

    Glen Canyon, March 2015

    I wasn't going to even post a trip report from this trip, but then I figured why the hell not? There wasn't much hiking or anything, but Glen Canyon is still a pretty amazing place whether on foot or by boat, flooded or not. So here we go... I planned this one out a month or so in advance...
  4. Nick

    Solo at Powell

    It's been a long, slow recovery from my knee replacement in November. Months of sitting on the couch popping pain pills can really take it's toll. So I decided I'd head south for a little boat camping. I was giddy to get out of the house, so I was up early and on my way before 6am. It was 27˚ at...
  5. Nick

    West Canyon

    Over the first weekend in October, I went south once again to Glen Canyon. Our prime objective for this trip: a hike into West Canyon, one of the most remote and coveted canyons on the entire Colorado Plateau. Access is not easy unless you have access to a boat. It is roughly 40 miles by...

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