lake powell

  1. o2bav8

    Can you tell me how to get to labyrinth canyon

    Work has been a beast lately and I've been missing my sandstone fix. Managed to get a couple of days off headed to Glen Canyon for a two day kayaking/camping trip. Saved up my REI points and bought some new gear and couldn't wait to test the new sleeping pad & pillow. I've found kayak camping...
  2. Nick

    Glen Canyon, March 2015

    I wasn't going to even post a trip report from this trip, but then I figured why the hell not? There wasn't much hiking or anything, but Glen Canyon is still a pretty amazing place whether on foot or by boat, flooded or not. So here we go... I planned this one out a month or so in advance...
  3. Nick

    Solo at Powell

    It's been a long, slow recovery from my knee replacement in November. Months of sitting on the couch popping pain pills can really take it's toll. So I decided I'd head south for a little boat camping. I was giddy to get out of the house, so I was up early and on my way before 6am. It was 27˚ at...
  4. Nick

    West Canyon

    Over the first weekend in October, I went south once again to Glen Canyon. Our prime objective for this trip: a hike into West Canyon, one of the most remote and coveted canyons on the entire Colorado Plateau. Access is not easy unless you have access to a boat. It is roughly 40 miles by...

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