kenai fjords

  1. Outdoor_Fool

    Callisto Canyon Cabin Seward, AK

    In June 2016, my wife and I and our kids, along with her brother, went to Seward AK to spend a few nights in one of the State Park cabins. These cabins are in high demand and my wife made the reservation back in February or so. The plan was for her and the kids to take a chartered skiff with the...
  2. Ben

    Caines Head, Seward, Alaska

    This was a very short over night out and back that i did near Kenai Fjords National Park. I don't recall exactly what i was thinking when i did this. I left late in the evening, hiked until it was dark in July in Alaska, got up in the morning and walked back. On Caines Head there are remains of...
  3. Ben

    Kenai Fjords boat ride

    Two summers ago i was able to go up to Alaska with my family. We went down to Seward one day, and did a half day boat tour from there. Here are some pictures. Looking down the shore before we got on the boat. Across Resurrection Bay. Looking south. An island. On the boat. Some...
  4. Ben

    Exit Glacier, Kenai Fjords NP

    Here are some pictures from the hike up to the top of Exit Glacier via the Harding Icefield Trail. It's either three or four miles, and gains about 3,000'. Some of these pictures have very bad exposures, but they're all i have, so you know, we'll deal with it. Initially the trail works it's...

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