grandaddy basin

  1. Parma

    Pine Island Lake - Grandaddy Basin

    June 24-27, 2015 I took the ole Varsity Scouts to a place never visited before by scouts...the Grandaddy Basin! This was a good trip to kick off the mountain backpacking season. It's always great to get into the Uintas for the first time of the year. We chose Pine Island Lake, it's 7 miles from...
  2. uinta_eagle

    Solitude at Farney Lake

    My family has owned a cabin on the North Fork of the Duchesne River for over forty years. The cabin is near the Grandview Trailhead, which is probably the heaviest used trailhead in the range. I’ve spent many days over the years hiking the trail to the Grandaddy Basin. Those trips have usually...
  3. Udink

    Grandaddy Basin

    On the weekend of July 20-22 I went on my second backpacking trip of the year, this time to Grandaddy Basin. I chose that area because it's one of the closest places to get into the High Uintas from Price, and it has a lot of trail and lake options. I invited Chris, and he told me about an old...
  4. Elusive77

    Grandaddy Basin 7/11 - 7/14

    For the last couple of years I've tried to plan a backpacking trip with my family. The first year we made a short trip into the Grandaddy basin. We liked it so much that we wanted to plan a little longer trip and explore more of the area. We had planned to do that last year, but the weather...
  5. Waynee-ack

    Grandaddy Lake 7/19 to 7/21/2012

    The planning for this trip began nearly a year ago. Even the best plans have room for the unexpected. A couple of freinds and I from work thought it would be fun to plan a father son backpacking trip to Grandaddy Lake. Those who came along for the trip are myself and my oldest son Dylan, Tim and...
  6. N

    Grand Daddy Basin 6/21 - 6/23

    Spent the weekend camping in Grand Daddy Basin with 14 Boy Scouts ages 14 - 18 yr old. It wasn't so bad with the boys at this age, as we were just along for supervision, and suggestions. We hiked in from the Grandview TH first time for me, and I was amazed at what a leisurely climb it was to...

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