dinosaur national monument

  1. Nick

    The Yampa

    Being pretty new to rafting, I had a progression in my head on how I thought I would develop my skills and get to the point that I could row serious whitewater rivers. My first year (2016) I did some easy stuff like Ruby Horsethief, the Green Daily and the ABC in Flaming Gorge. I figured the...
  2. Dave

    Six days in Dinosaur

    Late for work on a mid-February morning, filling the car with gas, my phone buzzed in my hand. A new email had just arrived from recreation.gov. Great, I thought, another letdown. My eyes scanned the email, expecting the familiar language. Another lottery application refusal. Just like Deso...
  3. Dave

    Echo Park, May 24-25 2014

    Much of my interest in literature the last several years has turned western. Not to the fantasy west of L'amore but to a more authentic, at times historical, west. The west of beaver traps and uranium booms instead of eastern tribes and midwestern cowpokes transplanted into the scenery of the...
  4. Scott Chandler

    Dinosaur NM

    After hiking in Capital Reef Friday I had plans to meet with a friend to descend BlueJohn Canyon all the way into and out of Horseshoe Canyon. The route of the infamous Ralston epic. Sadly, while I packed my GoPro, I forgot to pack my spare batteries and it was DOA. I could type out the whole...
  5. IntrepidXJ

    Dinosaur Bones & Petroglyphs

    Return to Dinosaur National Monument Saturday & Sunday, October 15 - 16, 2011 The Original Trip Report on ADVENTR.CO I've wanted to get back to Dinosaur National Monument most of the year to re-photograph some of my favorite petroglyphs and visit some new ones. I had to be patient while the...

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