cuberant basin

  1. Blake Merrell

    Cuberant, Kamas & Lofty with a little Mount Marsell

    This is what happens when you leave it up to me to plan a 3 day backpacking trip for 12 year old scouts! The orginal plan was to get dropped off at Payson Lakes and then have the boys backpack over Loafer Mountain, through Snell Canyon and then just walk home. That would have been a 15+ mile...
  2. Blake Merrell

    Cuberant, Mt Marsell, Kamas, Lofty Lake loop LIVE

    My scout troop is trekking across the Uintas right now and I can watch them live! They just summited Mt Marsell a few minutes ago. So fun to see what they are doing. Can't wait to meet up with them...
  3. Thomas Rasmuson

    Cuberant Lakes 2013

    Well, I am new to this whole forum thing and this will be my first trip report, but look forward to posting more. I just can't get enought of everyone's trip reports! It's nice to know there are a lot of other people who have the same passion for the outdoors as I do! Anyway, this TR is from...

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