ashdown gorge

  1. Outdoors24

    Ashdown Gorge Overnight Hike

    This last weekend I went and did part of Ashdown Gorge. Due to time restraints we were unable to do the whole hike. But the part that we did do was worth it. We saw Flanagan's Arch part way up the canyon. The trail head starts up by Brian Head Utah and goes down past Cedar Breaks then...
  2. Howells Outdoors

    Ashdown Gorge 5.29.2013

    Finally got out to hike the Rattlesnake Trail through Ashdown Gorge! AWESOME! There was still a few spots with snow up on Cedar Breaks, but the warm weather makes it great. We started off early and hit the trail by 8am. We started at the Rattlesnake Trailhead and worked our way down to the...
  3. Dave

    Ashdown Gorge, October 20 2012

    The Ashdown Gorge route has been on my to-do list for a couple of years now. I'd originally hoped to complete it in the spring of 2012, during a trip to Cedar Breaks for the annular eclipse. However, a major landslide in October 2011 had wiped out a portion of Utah S.R. 14 through Cedar Canyon...
  4. blueeyes

    Ashdown Gorge August 18, 2012

    I recently inherited the Red Rock Hiking group ( down here in St. George and have enjoyed planning small hikes here and there. I have wanted to hike Ashdown Gorge since seeing Bill’s gorgeous photos. I first planned the hike for end of July. Several people...
  5. Seldom Seen Anderson

    Ashdown Gorge

    I remembered Bill wrote in one of his TR's Ashdown was one of the best hikes in Utah. Ever since reading this, several years ago, I have wanted to hike Ashdown. Finally I was able to last week. Knowing because of the landslide the exit might be closed I called Cedar Breaks to ask their opinion...

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