White Crack to miner's camp 2014-03-10

General route from White Crack camp to an old uranium miner's camp in Canyonlands National Park.

  1. Dave
    This GPS track demonstrates the general route from the White Crack campsite on the White Rim down into the Lower Basins. The roughly 7-mile route follows an old miner's road grade to a miner's camp site with relics from the uranium boom. From here, it's possible to hike down to the Green River above the confluence in Stillwater Canyon.

    The track as recorded is not 100% true to the road grade. It deviates unnecessarily up and over a slickrock ridge toward the southern end, when it should have trended west downhill. This deviation occurred about 200-300 meters south of point 4722T on the USGS topographical maps.

Recent Reviews

  1. Artemus
    Version: 2014-03-10
    A valuable route...
  2. Nick
    Version: 2014-03-10
    Stoked to use this! Thanks!