Backpacking Yellowstone: Fairyland Basin, Josephs Coat, Wapiti Lake, and Pelican Valley

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    Could be true. I've heard that story. I've heard several different stories, and don't know who I believe. It's definitely been on people's radar since the 1990's. I've also heard word got out after a longtime park employee died, and his journal was read.
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  2. Joey

    Joey walking somewhere

    I don't know if this is the type of trip I would take someone on for their first Yellowstone backpack. Fairylands is like dipping Skoal straight. You got to really like it. It would probably seem boring to most backpackers.

    I think a trip out into the Thorofare or deep into the Lamar would be a true experience to see how you like Yellowstone. And the Bechler combo of Mr Bubbles and Dunanda Falls is probably the best backpack in the park.

    We all go out into the wilderness for our own reasons. The beautiful thing is that we are all different, and appreciate different things. If we were all the same, then places like Glacier and Yosemite would be the only places anyone went to. :)
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    You calling me a Fairy, Utah?
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  4. Joey

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    I thought you quit. And dipped Wintergreen.

    Yes, wintergreen is more of a Teton flavor. :)
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    I enjoyed reading another one of your great reports and adventures. I love the part walking out in the river where you are taking time to be aware,feel alive, and just enjoy the experience. Looks like a beautiful place! Sounds difficult and tedious. The pictures are awesome!
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    I'm ready to go back -- 2019?

    On his 18th birthday none the less!

    It was more worried about facing the wrath of their females if they didn't make it back whole.

    Great memories! After that I didn't think @Joey or @scatman would ever include me on another adventure.

    I had two bad falls. Colin saw one and the other was on my solo trip back to Coffee Pot.

    Understatement. Huge understatement.

    Nothing is more dangerous than hope.

    Colin is always a hoot.

    Good thing you stopped Colin. I still shudder when I think about watching him scale Electric the hard way without any climbing gear (he subsequently found the "easy" way for me to take").


    Every night.

    I LOVE this section of the park. I said -- 3 miles as the crow flies. Geez people.

    It wouldn't be summer in Yellowstone without a little hypothermia.

    @scatman would have scared it off.

    You are very resourceful.

    Kind of -- someone had siphoned most of the gas from Jamey's car and we barely had enough to get back to Canyon.
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    @Keith - I almost smiled when I read this.
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