Sleeping Bag Thoughts


Mar 10, 2015
I'm looking for a new sleeping bag for a trip into Yellowstone and the Tetons in September. I'm expecting temps to drop pretty low at night and my current sleeping bag, Teton Sports 20 is basically useless below 45 degrees. I'm thinking I want to get a down bag and right now is having a sale and at the end of the week REI will be having a sale as well. Currently I'm looking at the Kelty Cosmic Down 20 or 21 ($120 to $131), the Big Agnes Boot Jack 25 ($142), The North Face Furnace 20 ($143) and the REI Radiant (About $169).

I would really like to stay under $200 and with the sales that are going on and coupons I have I'm pretty happy with the prices listed above. Just wondering what people's thoughts are on these or if I should be looking elsewhere. Really can't imagine I would ever need it in temps below 20F ( well I really hope not) and also I'm 5'10 about 160lbs and I do tent to get a bit chilly at night in a tent. Thanks!
I looked at the cosmic down last year but decided to go just a step above it with the kelty ignite down bag. I haven't been cold in the bag yet. It's a bit above 200 dollars but you might be able to find a sale.
I'll add another vote for Sierra Trading Post. I have a couple of cut-rate sleeping bags from them. One is a "Marmot Sorceror" that was less than $100 that it looks like they still sell. It served me well on a spring trip in the Cascades where the weather ended up being extremely poor.

On the other hand a few years ago I splurged on a Feathered Friends bag that is just amazing in terms of loft to weight ratio and overall comfort. It just makes me so happy to sleep in it. Kind of broke the bank though, and since it's down I don't take it on trips that might be wet.
Another bag on sale from May 20 to May 30.
REI Igneo. $225. 2 pounds. 19 degrees. You will have 1 year to decide if you love it or hate it.

I have to agree with regehr. I own 2 Western Mountaineering bags. They are the best pieces of gear I own.


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It's not true for most gear, but with sleeping bags you get exactly what you pay for.
Thanks guys I'll look into that other Kelty and the other REI Igneo, still trying to decide how much I can spend on a bag. I think right now the REI Radiant is my leading choice, I really like how it can zip both ways so I could stick a foot out but it does seem a little narrow in the legs, even for a mummy bag.
FYI: if you use Sierra Trading Post check the length of the bag. They tend to hide the fact that you might be getting a shorter bag. Also coupons bounce the price all over the place.
Sounds good, thanks for the tip!
Welp I ended up getting the REI Igneo, after the sale and with a gift card I had I ended up spending about $150 of my own money on a $300 dollar bag. Trying it out around the house I love it, seems really warm, well built and compresses down really well and is super light. Very happy overall so far, can't wait to try it out in the real world!