Rooftop tent


Mar 10, 2016
For those with firsthand ,long-term experience with these, how durable and weather proof are they? Ventilation/condensation? Does it flap in these constant Colorado Plateau/Mojave desert winds? Dust and rain stay outside? Stays tight and secure in transit along washboard and rocky 4WD roads where truck does some flexing?
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All I know about them is some friends had one and every time the winds came up they ended up in a motel.
I have a gfc (and very good suspension) and offroad with it at stupid speeds. Doesn’t budge. You can find videos of guys jumping their trucks with them bolted on. I bought it specifically because it could take the beating.

if it was windy enough I was worried about it I’d sleep inside the truck.
I have an eCamper, which is a bolted on canvas pop up for the Honda Element, so a little specific. But as far as rooftop tents go, it's extremely durable, weather proof, no issues with condensation or wind, including a week at Burning Man straight out of the shop, where I left it open for two weeks in the wind. Mine is bolted to the frame of the car though, so YMMV with a roof rack tent.