Nepal Family Trek


Feb 4, 2014
My wife and I along with our kids aged 11 and 9 recently completed a 12 day trek in Nepal. The trek we completed is generally called Mohare Danda Khopra Danda. We hired an independent guide and two porters to assist us along the way. The trek were mostly village to village with stops along the way for lunch and overnights at community run lodges. It was truly the most amazing experience.


Homestay @ Bashkarka Village.


Stone steps leaving Bashkarka Village.


Our guide Tilak with the kids. They fast became best friends.


Lots of stops along the way to play with baby goats, sheep, and water buffaloes.


We eventually made our way to the mountains (Annapurnas in the background)


Yaks grazing, we eventually go too close to them and they bluff charged us. Annapurna South and Annapurna Fang in the background.


Kids play on a swing @ Swanta Village.


Our crew leaving Swanta Village.


Lunch rest stop. Owner of the lodge picked fresh carrots, broccoli, and cabbage for our vegetable curry.


Day hike up to Khayer Lake. I felt like I was hiking stone staircases in a Lord of the Rings movie.


Temple on the way to Khayer Lake. Eventually made it to Khayer Lake which sits at 4,637 meters.


Getting ready to head down from Khopra Danda to Pauwar Village.


My daughter with a one day old water buffalo calf (previously snuggled up next to the older gentleman).


Kids admiring one of many terraced fields.


Still happy after ten days on the trail. Khopra Ridge in the background.


Paudwar Village.


Crossing the Kali River.


Hot and dusty hike back along the road to Tatopani which marked the end of our trek.


Boudha Stupa, Kathmandu.


May 16, 2016
Wow is right. How did this trip happen? Someone in the family say one night "you know what would be cool? Nepal, that's what!!"? Did you hike the whole time?

More details please :)


Feb 4, 2014
Wow is right. How did this trip happen? Someone in the family say one night "you know what would be cool? Nepal, that's what!!"? Did you hike the whole time?

More details please :)

Some co- workers of mine did a trek in Nepal a few years ago. They came back raving about it and gave me the general low down on how the tea houses and guide/porter system worked. Fast forward a couple years and the kids had proven themselves to be strong hikers over multiple days. I Convinced my wife it was a good idea and very soon after bought four plane tickets to Kathmandu giving us 18 days in the country. I then spent a lot of time researching a trek I thought we could pull off in the time we had in the country.

We ended up hiking for 11 days between villages the 12th day was a Jeep ride back to Pokhara. Each day we’d hike 4-7 hours total with breaks for lunch and lots of time to explore village life, look at temples, chat with villagers, relax, etc. along the way. The exception being our day hike to Khayer Lake which took us 10 hours roundtrip. The porters carried our clothes and sleeping bags while we carried only day packs. Overall it was very affordable. $65/day for our guide and two porters (included their food/lodging) plus ~$65/day for our own food/lodging/beer/hot choclates.?

Highly recommended, the entire experience completely blew us away. Kids still can’t stop talking about it. Nepal is a bit rough around the edges but the people are amazing and the Himalayas aren’t to shabby either.


Jun 30, 2013
Glad to hear you had fun in Nepal trekking through villages. my parents' house is 15 mins walk from boudha :)


Oct 12, 2015
So awesome! I would love to do something like that but could never convince the family. LOL
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