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Mar 1, 2012
First off, if this post is against the rules of the forum feel free to lock it or delete it, but I personally think land issues are important to anyone who enjoys outdoor recreation in this state. And I wonder what people on this forum think about this issue.

I am sure we have all heard about the legislature's most recent attempt to take control of public lands, and it looks like it is gaining steam outside of the hill. While I still think (and hope) it is doomed to fail I can't help but get a little nervous at what would happen if we have a president with close Utah ties, who already stated he thought the federal government "owned" too much land. Quite frankly I have zero trust in the state to manage the land in a way that would benefit every one equally, and ensure that all Americans have access to what I consider our birthright. As a flyfisherman I have already seen what the state did to our river access, and though I don't hunt, from what I understand Don Peay and SFW are doing everything they can to turn the West into a private hunting reserve, even at one point saying that all the public land in this country is a form of socialism and needs to be rethought.

Obviously I disagree and believe one of this country's greatest assets is the ability of all citizens to go out and enjoy wilderness as opposed to just a few select land owners. I go to Eastern KY every year to visit family and they live right in the heart of Appalachia and I have to drive over an hour to find any type of hiking that isn't on perfectly groomed trails inside a State Resort Park, because everything is in private hands. I would hate to see Utah take any steps in this direction. Think over all of your recent and future trips, and realize just how many of those acres are inside federal lands.

PS: If this thread does indeed break rules, maybe before deleting it we can see if we can have a good civil discussion.


Aug 9, 2007
Just a quick comment on whether this stuff is allowed, I'll comment on the actual issue shortly.

YES! This is absolutely cool to post. Only non-outdoors related political crap is not allowed. If it is relevant to the outdoors, even if it's controversial, post away. And of course, keep it civil. Thanks for posting this! :thumbsup:


Jan 18, 2012
Great topic, I was sad to learn that the BLM just approved more natural gas drilling in the Desolation Canyon area. The State is basically saying that when statehood was approved the Federal Government was too release the land to the State of Utah. One of the biggest arguments Utah politicians will make is that if Utah had control of the BLM land which is now School trust Land schools in Utah would get more money. The problem with this argument is much of the land the State wants is not necessarily designated School trust fund lands and the State really hasn't said how they will increase the revenues on this property although one could assume selling them off, allowing greater access to oil and natural gas drilling etc. are many of the options. Peter Metcalf CEO of Black Diamond recently wrote a great op-ed piece for the SL Tibune regarding this issue and the importance of preserving these lands. I agree that we need to balance the "mixed use" of these lands and areas but having spent so much time in the Greater Canylonds area, Greeen river, Desolation Canyon and the Swell it is unbelievable we have not done more to prtoect these areas and scary to think what the State of Utah would do if given control

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