jackets found in southern Utah


New Member
Apr 11, 2022
Hi all, new member here. I'm trying to get the word out about two jackets my wife and I found in southern Utah over the weekend of April 1st. We were outside of Blanding near hwy 95, on the 'Edge of the Beyond' cliff line above the comb wash. We found two (very expensive) jackets in a bush along the cliff edge, and nobody came to find them while we were there. We have no idea how long they were there, but I guess it wasn't more than a few days. One jacket was a Western Mountaineering, and the other was a Mission Workshop. Both high end jackets, and we thought it best to take them with us and try to find the owners. If they are yours, please message me on here, or Instagram (@el_dusto_10). If you can describe them (color, type, sizes, etc), I'll happily send them back to you.