Grand Gulch Water Conditions

Diane Greer

Nov 28, 2013
Has anyone been down Grand Gulch within the past week? Looking for an accurate update on water conditions. Posted conditions at the Kane Gulch Ranger station are old, dated 4/7 to 4/10...

Have you tried calling the ranger station? They might have more up-to-date info but haven't had the chance to post it yet. Caution: last year they told us there was good water in Polly's and there wasn't (maybe if you went up far enough there was, but we walked a ways up and there was nothing decent at all). So we backtracked to GG and pre-filtered the brown GG water with coffee filters and that worked for us (although it was tedious).
Thank you Ryan. The water information and dates were from the bulletin board at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station. Checked again today and the only updated info was for the lower part of the gulch from Collins to Shangrila..
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Anyone know why they are reluctant to provide this info? I didn't want to make any waves when we checked in at Kane Gulch on 4/26.
At any rate, here's a snapshot of the white board with current water conditions as of 4/26. It rained a good amount Friday nite thru Saturday, which temporarily got water flowing through a good part of Kane and Grand Gulches in that area.IMG_0207.JPG
I can say as of 4/30 Coyote and Sheiks still with ample water not only at the springs, and downstream of, but in upper potholes too.
Cedar Mesa roads overall the best condition I've ever seen. San Juan County doing more work on them?
I hiked Deer Canyon to the Third Fork of Slickhorn Canyon, and there were intermittent (non-slimy) larger pools until the traverse along the San Juan. As you may have seen in my other post, Slickhorn flash flooded on Sat. The Kane Gulch Ranger Station said they didn't get any rain that day. Temps are rising, so expect the pools to start drying up unless it rains again.
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