lost river range

  1. NorthwestWanderer

    Backpacking the Lost River Range in Idaho : Bear Creek Lake & Upper Basin

    Hello again BCP! I'll be skipping on posting here for my Wind River Range trip as it's nothing new or crazy, plus most of the people here I assume have been to the Winds given that tons of posts here about the winds inspired me to go there (they were awesome). Although super crowded with people...
  2. Bob

    Idaho Lost.......River Range

    Along with @langutah we head out to check out some new country, the Lost River Range in Idaho. I worked in Challis many years ago so knew of it. Was looking for new places on GE and started checking it out. Looked promising. We got rained out of a Uinta trip and Art got interested in a link...
  3. Bob

    Idaho Lost........

    Teaser Picture.......Great Trip Art !

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