Kanab Creek Cranberry Fishtail Mesa Loop 2014-01-25

Kanab Creek Grand Canyon Loop

  1. Bob
    Loop starting at Sowats Point TH, into Kanab Creek Wilderness to the Colorado River. Upstream along the Colorado River then up the Cranberry Canyon route to gain the Esplanade. Traverse across to Fishtail Mesa pass and back across and out to the start. Spectacular canyon, springs, colors, wildlife, narrows, pools, waterfalls, 'the Colorado'. For the hardcore the 2500 foot climb to 'the Cranberry Crack'. NOT for the faint of heart. Then a traverse across a angle of repose slope to the plateau of Cranberry canyon. Visit Ghost Rock, a nice walk across the esplanade then up a steep climb to Fishtail Mesa pass. Down into Indian Hollow an back to Sowats Point TH. About 50 miles. Water in some parts is scarce so prepareYou should have a GCNP camp permit for part of this. A Garmin 60csx track. Also the road track on the easiest way to the TH.

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  1. Artemus
    Version: 2014-01-25
    Nice. Thanks Bob!