Winter Returns! Lift Served Luxury Turns At Solitude 4.12.2018

Dr Nebz

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Aug 5, 2016
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This past week we had winter return on Thursday. I was fortunate to be treated to some lift served turns Wednesday and Thursday up at Solitude Mountain Resort. Wednesday felt like summer riding. It was soft everywhere. It felt more like a day at the beach than a day snowboarding. What a difference a day makes. Thursday winter returned to the Wasatch. We arrived to it just nuking snow and we headed up. The term "Free Refills" would be very appropriate. It got deeper and better on every run. It was a ghost town up there. Maybe 20 cars in the whole parking lot including staff. The snow stayed good all day and just kept getting deeper. Visibility was an issue as it was full on blizzard conditions the whole time. Here is a short edit of one of the only videos I shot that day because most of the time it was sopped in. A few more days on the snow I think then I will be moving to summer activities. Enjoy the video!


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