Teal Lake, Uinta Mountains- June 8th-10th 2018

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Aug 5, 2016
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I had another opportunity to get out in the Uintas to go backpacking over the weekend. Our destination for the weekend was Teal Lake. We arrived to only three cars at the trail head and we were pleased to see no one had logged in past Ruth Lake. We put the packs on and made our way in. We made a great pace into Ruth Lake, then up over the divide to Hayden and Jewel Lakes. From Jewel we took a cross country route to avoid the swamp and small lake sitting in the meadow just below Cutthroat Lake. After a really fun and challenging hike we found ourselves standing at the outlet to Teal Lake. We picked our spot and built camp. The third person in our party did not arrive till dark, so we just got everything ready for the weekend. Once everyone was settled in we had a nice fire and I set out the camera for a star trail. Once my long exposure was finished, we settled in lake side and I shot the milky way. It was so peaceful out there, and such a beautiful sight to see. After that it was off to bed for some much needed shut eye. The frogs were singing all night and that was a pleasant sound to fall to sleep to.

We awoke to clear skies, and strong winds. Breakfast and coffee were in order, and we sat around for a while just enjoying the day. I went exploring around Teal Lake and the surrounding ponds just to get out for a walk as it was too windy in camp. The winds just kept howling and we settled in for the evening as we were expecting a dry cold front to arrive. Surprisingly it must have stalled because another great night was to be had. We had dinner then got a fire going for the evening. I put out the camera again for a another long exposure and enjoyed the last of my beverages I had packed in. By that time I was ready for bed and crawled into my sleeping bag. I must have been tired, I slept for almost eight hours which is unusual for me. We slowly packed it up on Sunday. As the front moved in, the afternoon out there was down right chilly, almost to the point of being unbearable. I hiked out to the vehicle as I was just over the cold wind. It has been amazing this year to get out so early and have a couple of weekends in a row in the high terrain. Enjoy the pics!

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