weminuche wilerness

  1. RyanP

    The Glorious Weminuche

    The stars finally aligned for me to go backpacking in the San Juan mountains in SW Colorado. I had enough vacation time to take a big solo trip ("big" for me means five days), the weather forecast was perfect, I was physically feeling fine (very little knee/foot pain), and the smoke from the...
  2. J

    Grenadier Range, San Juan Mtns. Weminuche Wilderness, CO June 27-30, 2007 Retro

    Stuck home, thought I'd toss up something from the past. Hiking forums in the time of Covid. Couple years back these photos were stuck in an inaccessible computer hard drive. Finally ordered an enclosure to put it into to pull out these pics. Artemus had asked me to post this then when I...

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