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  1. Blake Merrell

    UHT 2020 - Leidy to Hayden

    Finally! Fom July 25 to July 31 we hike about 100 miles along the Uinta Highline Trail. My heart is still reeling from the experience! This Poem kind of expresses how I feel: 1.Our mountain home so dear, Where crystal waters clear Flow ever free, While thru the valleys wide The flow’rs on...
  2. Blake Merrell

    Fossil Creek

    My goal was to backpack into Fossil Creek before I needed to get a permit, so a friend and I decided to make the trip happen the last Friday-Saturday of March. With the COVID-19 restrictions, we tried to access the lower parking lot, but like many areas, the Forest Service had closed the gate...
  3. Blake Merrell

    Secret Canyon - Sedona

    I was supposed to take some teenagers to Williams and introduce them to Snow Caving for the weekend, but after all of them bailed last minute, I texted a friend of mine and asked if he would be willing to go backpacking the next day to a local canyon in Sedona. Lucky for me he was able to go and...
  4. Blake Merrell

    Clear Creek Reservoir

    Hey All! I have been MIA for that past couple of years. I made a career move and ended up in Prescott Valley Arizona. The new job has kept me at work more than I expected, and my backcountry activity, unfortunately, has dropped off the proverbial cliff. But things have slowed down a bit this...
  5. Blake Merrell

    KiDdIe CaNyOnEeRiNg - Fin's & Things with the Family

    Meet up with my friend luke for a little family canyoneering trip. He and I introduced our families to Fin's and Things canyon. It was a great day out with the kiddos. As always, canyoneering with kids proves to be a wonderful adventure. The kids all seemed to have a lot of fun. And again, as...
  6. Blake Merrell

    Wind Rivers 2016: Green River to Elkhart

    Everything had worked out. The shuttle. The dates. The weather. Everything! We were ready to embark on a wild and high trek through the Wind Rivers. We started at Green River Lakes and had high hopes of finishing 7 days later at Big Sandy. In the end, I cut the trip short. but the 45 miles I did...
  7. Blake Merrell

    Family Backpacking to Ruth Lake

    Last year on a trip with @WasatchWill he pointed out to me a easy backpacking trip that was really pretty and very family and kid friendly. On July 3rd I made that trip happen. I packed up the backpacks for the wife and I, and carried my son into Ruth Lake! As expected, it was busy along the...
  8. Blake Merrell

    WRHR 2016

    Looking to plan WRHR this August! I do have a question about sumitting Gannet Peak and going up/down the NW side. Anyone done that route?
  9. Blake Merrell

    Boundary Canyon w/ Narrows Exit

    These overnight canyoneering trips are proving to be some of my favorite trips. Of course, how can ya go wrong if you add flowing water to a Zion slot canyon? I'm almost convinced that US canyoneering doesn't get much better! The orginal trip plan was to do Kolob canyon with a Narrows exit...
  10. Blake Merrell

    Kayaking Lone Rock Canyon: Another beUTAHful adventure!

    It was time. Jay and I were headed to Lake Powell for another beUTAHful adventure! This trip was a bit more special than most. Jay was diagnosed with cancer last year. and despite the successful treatments and such, it had just been to long since we had seen each other. In only a short few...
  11. Blake Merrell

    1 Year Old's Birthday Backpacking Trip

    Javan just turned 1 years old. It was time to go backpacking. I have been dreaming of this day for ages. It was time to make it happen. But how do you execute a trip like this!? First thing i had to do was commit. I knew that when it came down to the wire, that it would be easy to bail on the...
  12. Blake Merrell

    Behunin Canyon

    I went into this canyon with low expectations. seems that more people I talked to hated this canyon than liked it. well.... they were all a bunch of LIARS! L I A R S!!! Behunin was a stunning canyon with huge walls, beautiful drops and narrow slots. It all of it comes after...
  13. Blake Merrell

    Canyoneering in the Roost!

    Woah! Has It really been 7 Months since I have ran a slot canyon? My friends think I am broken and threatened to replace me. Whatev. Life is better with a bit of variety :) One day they will all learn. (haha!) Butch Cassidy and his gang are rumored to have hidden in the remote sections of the...
  14. Blake Merrell

    Shooting in 4k

    Mod note: This thread is split from: Would you mind elaborating why you filmed in 4K?
  15. Blake Merrell

    Utah Lake on ICE

    Last week, I took the family to play around on Utah lake for a bit with our snow sled. I had some fun with my GoPro :)
  16. Blake Merrell

    Sea Kayaking in British Columbia

    10 years ago I embarked on dream trip; a dream trip that I hadn't yet dreamed! I was invited to go on a "yak" trip through fjords of beautiful British Columbia. It was me and 3 other guys. I was 23, and the other guys--I swear-- were 90 years old! (don't tell them I said that!) They were great...
  17. Blake Merrell

    Wind River Trip - Day 6 - Hobbs Lake

    What?! We have to go home? Honestly, the only thing I was looking forward to was seeing my wife and 5 month old son. If it wasn't for them, I would have prefered not to leave. Rather be doing more of this! But leave we must. After relaxing day at Island Lake, we hit the trail again. We...
  18. Blake Merrell

    Wind River Trip - Day 5 - Island Lake

    After a nice romp though Indian creek, we eventually made it back to Island Lake. Popular? yup. Most beautiful lake in the Winds? I have no idea, but it sure was pretty! Camp for the night felt like I was in a campground. It was a weird feeling, seeing that we were 12 miles away from the TH...
  19. Blake Merrell

    Wind River Trip - Day 4 - Indian Basin and Knife Point Glaicer

    It was decided. Due to Adams shin splints we would not be completing our loop through the Alpine Lakes and Wall lake. It was me who made the call. The healthy one. Adam wasn't going to be "that guy" to prevent us from making our goal. But, with as much as he was struggling to hike on the trails...
  20. Blake Merrell

    Wind River Trip - Day 3 - Summit of Fremont Peak

    I had two journal entries for the trip. this was one of them. August 20th, 2015: I had a special day today. I climbed Fremont Peak! It was long and hard. Most of the way up I questioned whether it was worth it or not. Adam has a hurt shin, so he climbed most of the way but couldn't finish. So I...